New patient referrals to our clients: 1,074,825 Referrals as of 10/18/2021

Costs and Program Statistics

Our best office nationally gets 60 new cases per week...They did their homework and got the results. 

Only $199 Per Month

• Length of agreement: Month to month. If this program does not meet your needs, or if we do not deliver as promised fire us at any time for any reason. No questions will be asked. However..our average doctor stays a member for 7 years. The reason...what we teach works and not only gets you where you want, but helps you stay on top.

• Set up fee: $225 This fee goes to protecting your digital identity. We employ the same internet security firm that many large banks, insurance companies and the Federal government utilizes to protect your security. We take this very seriously and employ the best-of-the-best in the digital world for you.

• Time requirements: 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks

Although this program does not teach, focus or train you on "creative coding," the following graph is what our average doctor realizes financially by simply practicing ethically and being the best-of-the-best clinically.

Our doctors salary before learning the materialAverage doctor's % increase after 6 months of following this program
Under $100,000 61% Increase
$100,000 to $150,000 57% Increase
Above $150,000 25% Increase

Business Projections:

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